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Why Choose WebWizard?

WebWizard is not just another training program. We stand out with AI-enhanced learning that makes complex coding tasks more accessible.

Our program is designed for career transformation, which ensures you receive training of the highest caliber with the latest technologies

  • AI-Enhance Learning
  • Portfolio & Profile Enhancement
  • Career Transformation
  • Live In-Person & Online Training

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LinkedIn & Git Hub Training

Effectively showcasing your work

Career Upgrade

Coding is for everyone


Practical Guidance

Put theory into practice with hands-on projects


Money Back Guarantee

Your journey to a new career is risk-free with us.


Trained Students

Live College has a track record with more than 500 students

Who Can Benefit?

At WebWizard, we believe coding is for everyone. We make it possible for all to learn and succeed in web development.

  • Career Changers
  • Non-IT Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • College & University Students

Unlocking Your Potential with WebWizard

We’re here to ensure your success in the web development field. WebWizard offers:

  • Diverse Learning Resources
  • Community Support
  • Industry Expert Instructors
  • Job Placement Assistance
Smart Certificates with Portfolio

Live College’s certificate adds substantial value to your credentials by displaying your work

Monetize Your Web Projects

Discover how to sell your projects on online platforms and turn your passion into profit

We ensure you’re equipped with the most up-to-date skills and knowledge, setting you on a path to success

Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what members of our friendly community have to say about us


When I started the program I did not have any knowledge on advance web development. I was able to build 3 dynamic website within 2-3 months period

Yousuf Riyaz


The best course I’ve ever done. Learned so much about Web Development and new technologies used for it.

Sathika Hettiarachchi


Excellent! I’ve been following the course regularly and learning web development is quite fun. 

Ashrika Jayawardhana


LiveCollege is a responsible place which I can highly recommend. 

Nisansa Ranthatige


I recommend live college 100% for doing their job at their best.

Mohammed Yousuf


In livecollege it does not only teach us the syllabus, but also advices for our future life which gives some more encouragement and strength to move forward.

Thasheera Fernando

Two-Step Registration

Getting started is easy. First, book a free meeting with our experts via Calendly to discuss your goals and how we can help.

After this initial consultation, complete your full registration and embark on your learning journey.


Frequently asked questions

What is WebWizard, and who is it designed for?
WebWizard is a transformative web development program designed for individuals looking to launch a career in web development, regardless of their background or prior experience. It’s perfect for career changers, non-IT professionals, and entrepreneurs seeking to master web development skills.
What can I expect in terms of certification and portfolio development?
As a WebWizard graduate, you’ll receive a prestigious smart certificate with a QR code, showcasing your work to employers. Additionally, you’ll be guided in creating an impressive portfolio that highlights your skills and achievements.
Can I really transition to a web development career with WebWizard?
Absolutely! WebWizard is designed to help you transition into a web development career, regardless of your background. We’ve had numerous success stories of individuals who made successful career shifts after completing the program.
Is WebWizard suitable for international students?
Yes, WebWizard is open to international students. Our program is designed to be accessible to learners from around the world, and we welcome students from diverse backgrounds and locations.
How does the AI component benefit learners?
The AI component in WebWizard streamlines coding tasks, making them more accessible and efficient. It enhances productivity and helps learners save time, giving them a competitive edge in web development.
How does WebWizard stay updated with the latest technologies?
WebWizard is committed to staying at the forefront of technology. We continuously update our curriculum to include the latest trending technologies, ensuring that our students are well-prepared for the evolving world of web development.
Is there job placement support after completing the program?
Yes, we offer job placement assistance to help you find job opportunities or launch your freelance career. We’re dedicated to your success even after you complete the program.
How do I get started with WebWizard?
To get started, simply book a free meeting via Calendly with our experts. During this meeting, we’ll discuss your goals and how WebWizard can help you. After this consultation, you can complete your full registration and embark on your learning journey.

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